Children & Dogs

Child Security Gate Children of all ages are welcome at Carramar and as it is such a short walk to the beach, kids love staying here.

There are plenty of beach toys, board games, cards, puzzle games and DVD’s provided to entertain your children in the evenings and the house was designed with kids in mind. The downstairs bathroom has a full length bath with shower and there is no lock on the door, so parents can easily access it at all times, as a safety measure.

A child-proof gate is located next to the fridge in the kitchen on the first floor. The gate slots into permanently fixed grooves in the hallway walls next to the living room. This keeps your toddlers in the living room, dining room and main verandah spaces, whilst you are either in there with them or in the kitchen.

A Perspex screen runs the entire length of the first floor staircase, which again is an added safety feature to stop your child falling down the stairs when the child-proof gate is not in use. Naturally, each verandah on every level has security railings, but ultimately you have to be responsible for your children at all times.

dogs in back gardenDogs of all ages are also welcome at Carramar!

With a fully fenced and shady back garden, you can rest assured that your best friends will always remain secure when you are out getting a bite to eat from the laid-back neighbouring villages of either Peregian Beach or Sunshine Beach.

As your dog/s can access the ground floor verandah from the garden, this makes it an ideal space for them to stay whilst you are out. It is also a great way for your dog to be able to access the garden from the house to do their ‘business’ and saves you having to let them in and out!

Dog bowls and a pet blanket (located under cupboard in laundry) are provided for those guests who would prefer not to worry about the extra luggage, but we do ask (as a courtesy to other guests) that you wash, dry and replace the bowls and blanket at the end of your stay. Thank you!

Your pets are welcome to come inside Carramar, but we request that you do not allow your animals on the beds or sofas (indoor and outdoor) as a matter of health and safety. Extra cleaning charges will apply if animal hair is found upon the furniture, so to avoid this, please keep them on the floor.

All guests (and dog/s) like a clean garden, so as a courtesy to everyone and to the state of the gardens, please tidy up after your dogs. There are ample “poo bags” kept in the bottom of the cupboard in the laundry for your use and if these run out, then you can always pick up some more at the entrance to the beach. Thank you!